Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bad Bad Music

What is it about some songs that cause them to lodge in your brain for hours, days, weeks at a time? You know the ones..."Can't Touch This"..."Ice, Ice, Baby"...that Six Flags commercial with the dancing old guy. It's almost cruel of me to mention them, sorry.

Let me just say that toddler TV is just FULL of those songs. I go to bed every single night with one of E's little ditties in my head. I wish I could sing them to you, and share the misery, but a list of a few choice lyrics will have to you read them, be assured, I'm not making this up. These are actual songs...

From the Backyardigans...

"Almost everything is Boinga here,
We Boinga all Boinga long.
Almost everything is Boinga here,
So we Boinga this Boinga song!"


"We gotta go go go go go
We gotta go go go
You can't go fast if you go too slow,
So go go go go go!"

The next one is from the notorious screamer, Diego...

"River dolphin.
I can't hear you.
River dolphin!
Say it louder!
River dolphin!!
Everybody scream!!
River dolphin, yaaaaaay!!!!"

Dora's friend Boots, REALLY loves his ball...

"I love my ball,
My bouncy ball.
I love my ball ball ball ball ball.
My bally bounce,
My bouncy ball.
I love my ball ball ball ball ball."

And my favorite, from a Wonder Pets episode, goes like this...

"She turns into a pupa.
A pupa?
Supa dupa!
She turns into a pupa,

Supa dupa. Good luck getting to sleep with that one bouncing around in your head!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two Kids...

...are much harder than one. I think somebody told me that once, like somebody with two kids. But it is also a joy to watch E interact with Baby M.

Today she ran to me in the kitchen saying, "Help, Mommy! I need help!" She is an alarmist, anyway, often crying and screaming in pain when she can't get a sticker unstuck from her sock. So I wasn't too worried as I followed her into the living room to give assistance. Turns out, she needed help fixing Baby M's bouncy seat. He was wiggling and fussing, and she was trying to attach the toy bar...presumably to calm him down. She could only get one side fastened, and wanted me to attach the other side. I was so touched that she even registered that M needed calming, especially during another riveting episode of "Max and Ruby" (the Seinfeld of cartoons...a show about nothing, with bunnies).

This shouldn't come as a surprise to me, as she announced last week, "When I grow up, I can save people in a balance." That's "ambulance" in E-speak. Am I raising an altruistic child? A parent can only hope.
Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr