Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Gaga Dilemma

Go ahead and judge, it's fine.  I already judge myself when I read the following sentence...

So, the kids have been listening to Kidz Bop.  We got a bunch of them out of the library, and E and M both LOVE the song Paparazzi.  E insisted for two weeks that Brittany Spears sings the original version, and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut.  I could not let her think that, I just could not bear it.  So I told her that I was "pretty sure" it wasn't Brittany...and after several conversations I said, "Fine.  I'm going to get a Lady Gaga CD and play you the real song."  Which I did.

After quietly listening to ma Lady, E stated (very definitively), "Wow.  She has got a GREAT voice."  "Yes," I agreed.  "Yes, she does."  And so, after an internal battle that lasted several minutes, I played them most of the rest of the double CD set.  I did manage to cut off a few questionable lyrics mid-sentence, but they got a good taste of it.  And they loved it.  M said, "Play that one again with the he ate my heart."  Emma is requesting "Telephone," also better than the Kidz Bop version, and "Alejandro."

I did not intend for this to happen.  E told me the other day, "You are the best Mom because you let us listen to Lady Gaga.  Most of the other mothers don't."  Whoopsie.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr