Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr. Man Pants

Baby m's vocabulary hasn't quite taken off like E's did, but he's getting there. He clearly calls us "Mommeee" and "Dadeee", and he just started saying his sister's name. He will NOT say "milk" or "eat", but will nod furiously if you ask him if he's hungry. And if he's unhappy with anything, he proclaims, "No wayeee!"

He says "Chuchi" and "cookie", and when he wants to be picked up he says "down." He still does the signs for "dog" and "finished", but he has learned to say "Kank yew." If his mouth is full, he will also do that sign...looks a little like an Italian hand gesture-type insult, but he doesn't know that!

But my favorite thing to hear him say is "Lalie", which means Lambie (his flat little buddy). He usually says it with desperation in his voice, as in "Please get me my Lalie, so I can mush it up against my cheek! Now!" Sometimes when I go to take him out of his crib he will say a sort of sentence, "Uh-oh Lalie." This means, "I've thrown Lalie out of my crib and he's on the floor. Pick him up and give him to me."

He gets a lot of what he wants by pointing, which I hear is typical of a second child. No worries, though. Actually, we worry a lot less with Baby m...the only thing we are going to rush him on is potty training. I am SO DONE with diapers!
Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr