Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teaching Fractions

Not sure how it started, but E is very interested in math. She always wants me to quiz her on addition, and she uses her fingers find the answer. We haven't gotten past ten, for obvious reasons (ie not enough fingers), but I have been impressed with her level of understanding!

She asked me a while ago, what "half" means...okay, well, you try it! I stumbled around talking about cutting a pie into equal halves, wait, I mean parts, and you have the same amount on this side and that side...finally she lost interest. I really didn't think she was listening, but the next day before nap time she said, "I only ate HALF of my snack. I'm saving the rest for later." Oh, I thought, she gets it! Then she handed me her bowl...
Yes, she ate HALF of each M&M and each Cheez-it. Now it's your turn to judge whether I'm a terrible teacher, or a terrible mother for letting her eat any fraction of that!

Monday, April 5, 2010


My babies have been especially funny lately...E talks non-stop and Baby m is struggling to keep up. Today he greeted me at school with a big hug and stuttered, "I love...I love..." I looked down at his precious little face and his teachers had that "awwww" expression as he struggled to find the words to express himself. "I love...I love...I love....Daddy." Oh, well. I already knew I was a distant second.

Spring has brought some new vocabulary to the house, as E picks "daffadillos" from the garden and watches the "red robin orange breast" look for worms. And by the way, did you know that "Wedgies are bad. They can kill you, even."

In addition to her unintended humor, E has discovered knock-knock jokes and she can deliver a few pretty well. Her favorite happens to be the same as mine...have you heard the one about the "Impterumpting cow?" Moo. Oh, and her second favorite one is a bit over my head, I guess...the punchline is "Poopypants underwear." Get it?
Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr