Friday, November 16, 2007

She's Photosynthetic

This morning, I put together the puzzle of my daughter, E. It all makes perfect sense now...she's not a baby after all...she's a plant. Read on for proof.

1) She will not eat. A few pretzels here and there, cho-lo-co-late, a bite of a banana, some peas. The amount of food she ingests daily could not support a consumer. She must get her boundless energy (we call her "busy") in some other way.

2) One of her first two syllable words was "ooside". Sometimes her first request in the morning is to go ooside. It doesn't matter if there's anything to do, or how cold it is...she will pace the sidewalk if she has to. We may need to put a growlite in the livingroom to make it through the cloudy winter days.

3) She keeps getting taller, but she's not gaining any weight. I think, like the aspen tree, that she is competing for sunlight. She is stretching upwards to capture the sun's energy, so she can turn it into "busy".

4) She is fascinated by all things botanical...blades of grass, little leaves, flowers. At first I thought she was a scientist. Now I believe that she is just making a connection to her own kind.

Thankfully, she is not yet green with chlorophyll. She is still human colored, and I think that will help her blend in with the rest of the babies. But Lord help me, I'll be checking her skin daily from here on out.


margi said...

If she is indeed a plant, such as an aspen, shouldn't all her sap be flowing into her feet (i.e. roots) so she can get through the winter in a dormant state before she enters her next "busy" (i.e. spring) state? Or perhaps this is what happens in the evenings when little pre-bedtime meltdowns happen (I would imagine that sap flowing to anyone's feet would make them a wee bit cranky) and are then followed by a few quiet hours of blissful sleep. Kind of the seasonal thing, but on a much smaller scale.

Pammie said...

When E starts sprouting a daisey on her toe, then I think I would start worrying!

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr