Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Drama Queen

Quite unintentionally, we are raising an actress. When E was just a few months old, I suspected that some of her little baby coughs were "fake". They were just a bit higher pitched than they should be, and they were accompanied by an exaggerated turn of the head. Now that she's almost two, she is so good at pretending, that we often wonder whether she is for real.

The other day, she was playing a game with M. She would cover his head with a blanket, then turn to me and ask, quite sincerely, "Where Daddy go?" She looked so concerned about his well being, I was amazed at her acting ability. I'd respond, "I don't know. Where did he go?", and she would turn around and take the blanket off his head. "There he is!" And she would laugh and cover him back up. She also pretends to serve coffee from her little tea set, drinking it with satisfaction, and bringing refills when customers (Grandma, aunts, friends) call her over. How can she be so good at this? I'm afraid we're just weeks away from her lying about who she's hanging out with at daycare, or how that stolen cho-lo-co-late candy got into her pocket. "Dora gave it to me, Mommy. Really, I swear!"


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr