Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family History

This afternoon, my sis and I were chatting about funny things her kids used to say when they were little. Her oldest son, C, would want "smaviches" for lunch, as in, "Can I please have a peanut butter and jelly smavich?" One of her kids changed the TV channel with the "mokey-matrol," and another called me "Muggy." (Which is NOT my name.) Well, the conversation got rolling, and we got into a "remember when" kind of conversation which had me really laughing.

For one thing, I have a very vivid memory of a squirrel finding its way into my sister's apartment...the picture in my head is of her daughter S chasing the squirrel around yelling, "Kitty!" while my sister follows closely with a broom. Nobody else remembers this occurrence, which leads me to believe that I either saw it in a movie, dreamed it, or made it up. It doesn't matter, really...because now that I have made it a family event, denying and insisting it happened IS the story. Fun, right? Try it sometime...just start talking about something that didn't happen as if it was real, and see how everyone reacts.

But my most favorite story really did Thanksgiving, my mother made an apple pie and she forgot to put a bottom crust into the pan. The pie tasted great, but it was more like an apple soup with a crust on top. The part that makes it extra fun is that she INSISTS that she put a crust in there. What happened to it, you ask? She says it got "absorbed" into the pie. Now, I'm no baking expert, but I'm sure that's impossible. I've eaten a pie with a burned crust, and a raw crust, but I've never heard of a crust just disappearing into the apples. Sorry, Mom, but that's one for the family history book.


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr