Sunday, June 8, 2008

Super Baby

A few months ago, Cousin S and Aunt P got together and sewed E a WonderPets cape. It's has a big W on the is held on by velcro. When they first gave it to E, I suggested that someone wear it into the room and make a big deal about it. That's the way to fool E into realizing that she really does want something...if you hand it to her, she is likely to throw it on the ground and storm out of the room.

My sis was a good sport, and wore it into the room while we all made a fuss. We oood and aaahhhed, and E was appropriately interested....that is until we put the cape on HER. She lasted about 30 seconds before she grasped at her neck as though she was choking. So we set it aside, referring to it once in a while and gently coaxing her to wear it. No go.

But the cape has been hanging around the house for a while now, and slowly but surely, she has taken to it. She puts it on and pulls her elbows back into the "wind up" position, then says, "I'm on my way!" Then she takes off to save Daddy, or me, or DeeDee, whomever appears to be stuck. Sometimes, she commands one of us to wear it and save her. The other day, she gave the cape to M, and then went and got herself stuck behind the couch. When M got delayed by business, I came to save her. One problem...I did not have the cape. "Daddy! We need the cape!!!" She unstuck herself long enough to run to Daddy, rip the cape from his neck, and bring it to me. Then, ever the actress, she re-stuck herself and waited to be rescued.

I found myself really in need of a super hero yesterday. Finishing my shower, I realized that I had forgotten a towel. "Ayudame! Ayudame!" I yelled, hoping that the Spanish version of "Help me" would bring her to my aid more quickly. Dripping and waiting, I could hear E shout, "Someone needs help! I'm coming! Daddy, where's my cape?" Then I heard them both running through the house, looking in every room, unable to find it anywhere. I tried to keep up the enthusiasm in my voice, but after a few minutes, my "Aydame"s were getting a little tired. I didn't want to spoil her fun, so I waited...I was mostly air-dried by the time they found the cape and came to ask me what kind of help I needed. When E came back in with the towel, she was so proud of herself, and I was proud of her. She saved me, my super baby.


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr