Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catch the Bug

The Capital Area District Library has a summer program called "Catch the Reading Bug." Kids can sign up and get a card to keep track of their reading. In our case, we marked the card each time we read to E for 20 minutes. Every 3 hours of reading gets you a prize. The first prize, a pencil, got E so excited that she danced for the librarian. The next prize was a bug catcher that she loved so much that she broke it during a puppet show at the library...yes, she was listening to the performer, singing, dancing, and catching a little pink bug all at the same time. Don't worry, I collected the pieces and we put it back together at home.

We picked up the third prize yesterday...a coupon for a free personal size pizza at Pizza Hut! I didn't know if E understood the concept of coupons, so we went straight to the restaurant and placed our order. After "fifteen to twenty minutes" (yeah, right) of patiently waiting, they finally handed over our pizza, and we went home to enjoy it! She was so excited until we got to the car and found that Baby m's Lammie-kins was missing. Uh oh. We must have dropped it at the library. I assured E that we would find it tomorrow, but she was really concerned for her little brother. I think the smell of her prize took her mind off the crisis, and when we got home we had a lovely dinner together.

This morning I went back and asked about Lammie-kins. The nice librarian man looked in the drawer and found him, but he was a little worse for wear. Baby m must have dropped him in the parking lot...there was a tire track on his back. Honest to God, an actual TIRE TRACK. And it looked like his head had been stepped on a few times. I'd like to thank the person who saw this dirty rag in the parking lot and handed it in to the lost and found. One run through the washer and he's good as new. Baby m actually jumped up and down in his seat when I handed Lammie-kins back to him. Then he promptly shoved the lammie's head in his mouth...hmmm. It's okay. The library parking lot is cleaner than the Pizza Hut.



For all our triumphs, we still have some rough spots... Good idea to bleach out the dinner memory.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr