Tuesday, September 30, 2008

100 Things About Me

Yippee! It's hard to believe, but is my 100th post. In the tradition of the blogosphere, here is a giant list about me. I have to be honest...after I got on a roll, I think it would have been pretty easy to continue on to about 2000. That reminds me of something I forgot to put on the list...I like to be the center of attention. :)

  1. I like very tiny things…especially tiny food.

  2. My favorite tiny thing is a set of carved ivory animals called “Noah’s Ark in a Seed.”

  3. Whenever I vote, I get teary eyed.

  4. I don’t mind peeing in the woods.

  5. Once when I was peeing in the woods I didn’t know how close I was to the road and a truck went by. I couldn’t stop, so I waved.

  6. I had to have about 6 baby teeth and 3 adult teeth pulled when I was in elementary school.

  7. I’m afraid of the dentist.

  8. My dreams are vivid and in color.

  9. Sometimes I can change my dreams and do whatever I want. Once I flew into the clouds and ate asparagus…I could actually taste it.

  10. When I was very young I had a recurring dream about a cartoon boy chasing me around the house. Eventually he would explode and I would see the word “Pow!”

  11. I have run 4 marathons. They were so slow and so long ago that I think I’ve lost bragging rights.

  12. I panic in deep water. I imagine that something is going to grab me from below.

  13. I used to have 4 piercings in one of my ears. Now I wear no earrings at all.

  14. I hate watching TV shows or commercials with hidden cameras. I feel sorry for the people who are embarrassed.

  15. I don’t understand calculus.

  16. I love the song, “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow.

  17. Someday I would like to sit at the piano and play a song while someone else sings along with me.

  18. I get angry when people try to get on the elevator before they give me the chance to get off.

  19. I almost got fired from my internship at Seney Wildlife Refuge because a visitor brought my boss’s dog to the pound…it was running loose in the marsh chasing geese and it was so muddy I didn’t recognize it.

  20. I’ve hunted grouse, woodcock and rabbit, but I’ll probably never do it again.

  21. I was a vegetarian for about two years.

  22. I like to scoop up handfuls of coins and pour them out.

  23. I like to sort coins into little towers.

  24. My dad used to bring me grading books home from his job and I would play school.

  25. There was always a kid in my pretend class called “Missy” and she would always fail.

  26. A real girl named Missy lived down the road and she had a pet squirrel in the cage. If you tried to pet it, it would bite you.

  27. Growing up we had a guinea pig named John Boy. When we found out it was a girl, we renamed it John Girl.

  28. I love genealogy. I think if I could make a living at it, I would quit my job and research family trees for other people.

  29. Sometimes genealogy makes me sad because I think about all of the information I will never know.

  30. In Kenya, I laid awake for an entire night because a lion was roaring very close to our lodge. I was both petrified and in awe.

  31. I’m rarely late for anything.

  32. When I was about 8, I wiped out on a neighbor’s skateboard while trying to prove to my parents that I was responsible enough to own one.

  33. I take a shower every morning. I am not happy if I don’t shower.

  34. When I got married, I took my maiden name as a second middle name. That makes it hard to fill out forms, but it’s legal.

  35. I was born in Peekskill, New York.

  36. When I was young I liked to tell people that “The Facts of Life” was set in Peekskill…then I would tell them that in actuality the girls’ school didn’t exist.

  37. In 8th grade, I got a 100% on the algebra Regents Exam.

  38. When I wear turtlenecks, I feel like I’m choking.

  39. Once when I was teaching, the door to the classroom got stuck and we couldn’t get out. I had to calmly call the office and ask them to come let us out. Inside, I was panicked.

  40. I think I’m a little claustrophobic.

  41. With M, I managed to squeeze through a 14 inch space between two rocks as part of a guided hike. I consider this a huge accomplishment.

  42. I love reality shows…even the REALLY bad ones.

  43. I watch more television than I’d like to admit.

  44. I hate being tickled, even by my daughter.

  45. I was in many musicals in middle school and high school.

  46. I wanted to win “Most Dramatic” my senior year, but I didn’t.

  47. In high school, I attended an Episcopal Youth Event in San Antonio, Texas.

  48. Once I got to college, I stopped going to church.

  49. My least favorite foods are broccoli and mushrooms.

  50. When I was in high school, I went to a computer programming competition where I was the only girl. If I had known that beforehand, I wouldn’t have worn a dress.

  51. I do things in sets of 5 or 15.

  52. While walking, I either count, spell, or sing (in my head) along with each step I take. Always.

  53. When I’m trying to learn something, I try to place it in a “slot” in my brain.

  54. Until I took a learning style test in college, I thought everyone had slots.

  55. Driving to Michigan to start graduate school, I witnessed a rollover accident on the highway. I stopped my car and as I approached the scene, I was sure I would find fatalities. All four people in the minivan were fine and were able to walk away.

  56. I always wear my seat belt.

  57. After I graduated from MSU, I would wake up in a cold sweat every day, thinking that I had forgotten to study for my exams. That lasted for about 6 months.

  58. I’m not a team player.

  59. I’m not a good boss.

  60. I am, however, a pretty good teacher.

  61. I grew up believing in my heart that I could be anything I wanted to be.

  62. We had a dog named Puppy Wiggles…we called her that because the family couldn’t agree on a name. I wanted to call her Cinnamon.

  63. I clearly remember the day my parents had to put my first dog, Ginger, to sleep.

  64. Once I carved an “M” on a table in our playroom and blamed it on my sister.

  65. I let my daughter eat too much junk food.

  66. My wedding day was the happiest day of my life.

  67. There was a “hole” in the hedges between our neighbors’ house and ours. As a kid, I would stand at that spot and yell “Can I come over?” because my mom said I couldn’t go over unless I was invited.

  68. My first job was at Waldbaum’s as a supermarket clerk.

  69. At that job, a lady yelled at me for ringing up her rolls as $6 each instead of 6 for a dollar.

  70. I have worked at two different pet shops.

  71. I was promoted to assistant manager of a pet shop at age 18 because the manager didn’t want to stay at work late enough to lock up.

  72. I have worked at two different veterinarian’s offices.

  73. One time, a man asked me to come to his car because his dog was very sick and he needed help to carry it. When I got to the car, the dog was dead. I decided shortly after that that I could never be a vet.

  74. I cry when I hear “Amazing Grace”, “Ode to Joy”, and most Easter and Christmas Hymns.

  75. I cry at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Fifty First Dates”, and “Love Actually.”

  76. I consider myself a morning person.

  77. For an entire year, I lived almost exclusively on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Ramen Noodles.

  78. Sometimes I buy things for my daughter not because I think she will like them, but because I think I will like them.

  79. I hate having my picture taken.

  80. There are some people who really, really don’t like me…for good reason. That drives me crazy.

  81. When I was little there was a tame crow in my neighborhood named Amos. I liked to feed him from my hand.

  82. Computer glitches make me very, very stressed.

  83. Sometimes I fantasize about having a job at a coffee shop.

  84. I was in the Girl Scouts for 5 years.

  85. I got in trouble on a Girl Scout field trip when I flushed a bowl of cereal down the toilet.

  86. I’m not that responsible.

  87. But I love making lists…especially checklists.

  88. If there’s ice cream in the house, I will eat it.

  89. If there’s an open can of frosting in the house, I will eat it.

  90. I am the youngest child in my family by 11 years.

  91. I don’t wear a watch but I always need to know what time it is.

  92. I love to entertain. I want the kind of house where people just “stop over” and stay awhile.

  93. I don’t know how to put on make-up.

  94. I sometimes worry about who will teach my daughter the “girlie” things.

  95. In college I dropped my second major (computer programming) when it became “too hard.”

  96. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I had dropped Zoology and kept Computer Programming.

  97. About 10 years ago, I earned a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do.

  98. “I love the whole world, it’s such a brilliant place…boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada, boom-de-yada.”

  99. I think my family is a little crazy…I think they think I’m a little crazy.

  100. I consider myself a very lucky person.



Very nice, and thanks for the snaps of your wedding day!


Michie said...

Great list! I also wonder who is going to teach my daughter girlie stuff as I don't know how to do make-up either! :)

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