Monday, October 20, 2008

Unplugged Project - Wax

There is one good thing about keeping EVERYTHING. When it's time for Unplugged with Wax, you're bound to have a crayon maker, a bag full of broken crayons, an entire box of candle making supplies in the basement. So project number one was reclaimed crayons. We spent just a few minutes peeling and breaking the crayon fragments, thirty seconds putting the crayons into the little metal tray, and twenty minutes watching Dora while the wax melted. So much for "unplugged." And the "swirly" effect that was promised by the picture on the box did not appear. Here's a bit of advice...use dark colors sparingly. A few little shards of blue turned the whole crayon blue. The results were underwhelming.
Then I broke out the old crock pot. Perfect for melting down those old candles. I had a fantasy about sharing candle dipping with E, but when I saw the vat of molten wax I panicked. I could think of at least 5 different ways the project could have ended in instead, I poured the lava into a Christmas candle mold and called it good. The project took on a life of its own when E saw me removing the mold from the fridge..."Can we light that birthday candle, Mommy?" Well, fire is also dangerous, but I could probably keep it at arm's length. So we sat at the kitchen table in the dark, staring at the flame. E posed for pictures, and then wanted to see them on the camera. It was very sweet, and a really lovely unplugged moment.
Then, serendipity. On Saturday we went out to the Apple Butter Festival, and what did they offer for 5o cents a pop? A vat of molten wax and a with mommy guiding and daddy taking pictures, E dipped her first candle. Thankfully there were no tantrums and no mis-steps. The only minor crisis was when E tried dipping her yellow candle into the red wax. Her little candle is bloppy and riddled with red other words, it's perfect.


Anonymous said...

I freaked out with Jaylene and the wax several times too, and she's six!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of using an old crock pot to melt wax. Thanks for the idea.

Karen B said...

That candle-lit photo is beautiful!

Shawna said...

Wow, weaning. *hug* What a big step. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to peruse any posts at any time. (And I love comments, so thanks!) The one about the wave of light is called "a bonfire would not suffice" if you weren't able to find it.
I hope your nursing-free days are full of happiness and as many cuddles as he'll sit still for. :O)
ps I'm a textaholic but I promise I rarely texted in class :O)

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