Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Sample Size of Six

Last night I had a much needed night out with the girls. Now that I'm back to work, I have enough time out of the house, but not enough time with friends...I missed them, and I didn't know how much until I was driving home from the restaurant. Our conversations flew around the table like are some stats on the night:
  • At least 3 of us spent a good portion of kindergarten and 1st grade chasing boys. Literally, chasing them and trying to kiss them. We all agreed that what passed for cute in the 1970s would get us kicked out of elementary school today.
  • Five of us are married to men who watch little to no sports on TV. And 5 of us are married to men who rarely read a full length book.
  • Only 1 of us wears make-up on a regular basis.
  • Three of us need help cutting our own child's fingernails.
  • All of us thought that the food was good but the service was poor. Some of us regularly tip 15% for poor service, and some of us tip 15% for good service.
  • At least 4 of us do not have children who sleep through the night. All of us are tired.
  • Two of us are reading "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."
  • One of us went to Japan, London, and California this year!
  • At least 3 of us hope that next summer finds us less on the road and more on our folding chairs in the back yard.
  • Two of us are reading, um, literature of a questionable nature. Four of us remained quiet on the subject.
All of this while consuming 4 salads, 3 pizzas, one calzone (sauce late and on the side), one pasta dish, 2 bottles of wine, 1 beer, 2 cups of coffee (one with Bailey's) and a hot chocolate. Seriously, I cannot WAIT until next time. Thanks, Girlfriends.


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr