Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boardwalk Baby

Just when you think you know your kid, you take her to the boardwalk. I was convinced that E would have a hard time with all the loud noises, the crowds, the toys and candy she couldn't have...I was sure that she would be overstimulated. Boy, was I wrong. From the first slice of pizza to the last game of Skee-ball, she loved every minute of it.

We started with dinner and a walk to the family's favorite pier, and we happened on the Cutest Baby Parade. After watching a few of the contestants, none of whom were cuter than Baby m, we moved on to the games and kiddie rides. First, we managed to win a giant Hello Kitty in the water squirting contest, which actually made E squeal with glee. Then we made our way to the merry-go-round, where E declared that she wanted a "brown horse." Okee dokee. I boosted her up and off we went, waving at Daddy and the rest of the clan as Mommy got dizzier and dizzier with every spin. From her perch on the brown horse E spotted "Sponge Bob," who was actually a guy dressed up as a giant crinkle cut French Fry. By the time we got off the ride he had disappeared into the night.

Then came the boat ride, where E rode by herself for the first time. She loved ringing the little bell, and I was thankful that she was wise enough not to CHEW on the rope like the kid in back of her...yuck. Then, into the arcade. She tossed the Skee-balls willy nilly, much to the dismay of our VERY competitive ball-rolling neighbors, but I didn't stop her. My girl was having fun. After a short chat with a baby drinking a bottle, she moved on to the slot machines. Oh, those blinking lights. E scored big time just by punching the buttons randomly, and did a victory dance in the 125 tickets that the machine spit at her. When it came time to cash in, she picked out some lolly-pops, a deck of cards, some plastic motorcycles, a Twizzler, and some stick-on earrings...she thought she was hot stuff, really.

Time for more rides, which made Mommy very nervous. She wanted to go on the plane. The plane that goes up in the air. More specifically, "the yellow one." Okay, who am I to say she can't? The carnival man was confident that the seat belt would hold us both in, and that the hydraulics could withstand my weight, so up we went. "Higher, Mommy!" she screamed, so I would lower the plane just to take it back up again. Yippee! It was great fun. Then a short drive in a red truck (she apparently loves steering wheels), ice cream with Daddy, and back home safely with hardly a tear. Ask her what she did at the boardwalk, and this is her reply..."A horse, a boat, a plane and a truck. And earrings. And I fro a ball. And I see Sponge Bob." Does it get any better than that?


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr