Monday, August 18, 2008

The Party's Over

Who would think that eight months could fly by so fast? My extended leave is over, and today was my first day back to work. M brought the kiddos to school and I got a super big caramel coffee on my way in to my office. The first few hours were frustrating...some technical glitches got my blood pressure up. WAY up. But I managed to get some work done, and had a nice (free) lunch. That's the best part of kick-off week, BTW. Three, count em, three, free lunches.

Tomorrow will consist of more technical headaches in the morning and a science department meeting in the afternoon. Classes start on Thursday, and I have some serious hurdles to jump before then. I need to update my lectures and Wednesday morning is my only time to do it. Uh.

When we were on vacation, I had a massage on the beach. The massage therapist said, "You know, you would really benefit from a massage every week." I agree. I'll get right on that.



You're a great teacher and I am sure you will be happy to be back and I am sure you will touch someones life...

Love ya

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr