Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hidey Holes

E has developed this strange habit of hiding behind the furniture. Generally we just let her hang out in any number of places, unless there are cords or breakable nick-nacks within arm's reach. Her most consistant hide-out is behind the easel in her room, and I would often find crayons or stickers stashed back there...presumably she was trying to keep these away from her brother. She also likes the little cubby created by the ottoman, couch, and shelving unit, though we do have to be sure she doesn't get hurt climbing in and out. She seems to enjoy lounging in there with her "banklets" and pretend candy, quietly singing to herself.

The latest hidey hole is perhaps the strangest. She has taken to sitting behind/under the fake tree in the living room. There is barely enough room back there for her to sit, but I just walked by and see that she has pilfered the fall decorations yet again...her little space is decorated with the corn husk doll, some dried up chestnuts, and an ear of Indian corn. I guess I understand her need for a little privacy, but I wonder if she's hoarding, or just decorating!



Speaking of the ottoman... She opened the really long fireplace matches so those need cleaning up. I tried to call but you were on the phone.

Love ya


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr