Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Sister

Yesterday I lost my big sister, after a brave, but too short fight with cancer. Not much I can say now, but I will be forever grateful that I got to spend her last moments in her beautiful presence. This is a little "family statement" that we're working on for the paper...I think it sums it up for me, for now at least.

"Pam had a kind and generous soul. When she entered a room, you could feel a spirit of beauty and an absolute love of life. Throughout her life, she gave her heart and soul to the people and animals around her. Her mission was to take care of her family and friends, and it seemed like that circle grew a little bit every day. Her co-workers, the friends of her children, people on line at the grocery store…she treated everyone she met with respect and compassion. Pam will be missed by those she left behind, and our hearts ache for those who never had the honor of knowing her. "

I love you, Pammie.


Yelli said...

I hadn't seen you for a bit on unplugged and I thought I would check on your blog. I am really sad to hear this. I send my deepest condolences your way to you and your family.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr