Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walky Walker

Yes, we now have two, count 'em, two toddlers in the house. Mr. Walky Walker is now officially on the move, on two feet, off and running. Last week we SAID he was walking, but really he was holding on to one piece of furniture and then thrusting himself towards the nearest warm body...while moving his legs somewhat. Now, oh, now...

This little guy can not only walk while drinking his bottle, he can pull himself up without holding on to anything! I even saw him bend down to pick up his chuchi and stand back up! He is so darned proud of himself, too. He gets this s**t-eating grin from ear to ear every time you look at him, and he will even wave lambie-kins at you like a little flag.

We have video of E walking at 11 months, but everybody said "Girls walk sooner", "You never know with your second," stuff like that. Yet here he is, almost the exact time-table of his sister. If his verbal skills develop anything like hers, he'll be talking in sentences any day! Of course, those sentences will be along the lines of, "I wish my sister would stop hitting me with a toy golf club."



Whackitty whach! I hope they can just get along, E sure is in for an awakening when he CAN actuially run her down.

Snuffin said...

I called Emma something like "Carpet Magoo" on Thanksgiving. This was at the stage of the afternoon when she was giving me my "space" by lying under the throw rug. I guess the sarcastic quip was lost on her, because she replied with "No, you're a Galoo." This is second only to my favorite line (possibly ever) where she kept calling my taco dip "Top-a-witz"

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr