Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Photo Friday

Potty training was a long, hard road for us. A few days ago, apparently E wanted company in the toilet, and this is what I found when I came in to help her take care of business. She had lifted the lid and shoved her brother's stuffed puppy in, presumably to relieve himself. I did my best not to laugh, as all parents can relate to...this is a promising sign, a toddler teaching a stuffed critter how to use the can! (Visit Expat Yelli for more funny photos...)


Snuffin Muffin said...

I named this puppy when I was out there, and I cant remember what it was? Something out of the ordinary, I remember that much, but, any ideas? I also believe that it was a non-americanized name,

Yelli said...

You did leave out an important point-did the puppy go in the toilet? Inquiring minds want to know! :) Great pic!

Yelli said...

Thank you for linking. I appreciate it! I love seeing others pictures and hope more want to participate.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr