Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unplugged - Wrinkle

A baby prune is like his dad,
But we ain't got 'em half so bad.
We've got wrinkles on our face,
But pruney's got 'em everyplace!
No matter how hard a prune may try
He's always getting stewed.
Little seed, within a pru-in,
Is it night, or is it nu-in?
Whatcha doin' pru-in, stewin'? Hmmmmm?

This song has been going through my head since I read the theme for this week's Unplugged Project. My sister used to sing it to me...maybe it's a Girl Scout song...anybody know it? So I looked up how to make prunes and raisins, and you either need a food dehydrator or 17 hours in the oven. So I ditched that idea real quick.

Idea number two consisted of wrinkled, wet tissue paper, and allowing the dye to leach out onto a canvas. The only problem we ran into was that we could only find one color of "runny" paper. So that project was, well, disappointing. Idea number three really stretched the theme...we had piles of wrinkled tissue paper, so I started looking up tissue paper crafts. Lo and behold, Tie-dye! The directions are pretty easy, and E had a great time painting with food coloring.
The hardest part about this was waiting until it dried to unfold it. We did about 6 pieces, and probably diluted the color a little too much, but they're pretty, nonetheless. This craft would be good for a variety of ages...the only drawback I can see is that my fingers are still red, two days later! :)


Michie said...

That looks great! I wanted to play along this week, but I could NOT think of anything to do with wrinkles!

Crescent Moon said...

What pretty bright colors!
We did a tie dye project, too, but ours came out very dark.

Yelli said...

Awesome project! I was not brave enough to attempt Tie-dye with a toddler but I can see that you can make it easy. Thanks for the idea!

BTW: I have never heard that song but I know what you mean about blaming girl scouts for all of the strange songs in my head- "one is silver and the other gold."

MoziEsmé said...

Great idea! I hate that about food coloring, of course... but it's very pretty!

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr