Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's Better When You Buy It Now

There are so many wonderful things about Ebay. For one, it's the biggest source of information about obscure junk that exits, anywhere. I use it sometimes to look up the value of something we have laying around the house, or something I saw (but didn't buy because it cost all of $5) at a garage sale. Sometimes I get the history of some item that I found on the side of the road...yes, I pick things up from the side of the road.

Another thing it's good for is replenishing your life with the things that meant so much to you when you were a kid, but somehow ended up in the trash. Who would have known how much I wanted that Sesame Street record album containing such hits as "Going on a Bear Hunt" and "The Magic Cookie"? Two years ago, I found that one on Ebay, and with a high bid of $40, I won it. When I saw "Congratulations!" on the screen, I actually jumped up and down...I may have even cried a little. At that time, it was fun to win it.

But now, I just don't have the energy for this cr*p. I just want to buy the old nativity scene that we used to have in our bay window. (You can see a similar one here if you want.) It's Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, with a little crib-type thing and some straw. In the last week, two of these sets have come up for auction, and I've bid on both of them. In both cases, I sometime in the last hour of bidding, and one in the last ten seconds. I am not in the mood to sit and watch the screen, hitting refresh over and over, to see if any other bids pop up. I do not want to compete, I do not want to lose. I just want to buy the darned thing and have it show up at my doorstep a week later.

I AM competitive...I should love this, but I don't. Both nativities sold for about $30. If one shows up with a "Buy it Now" button, I'll pay $100. Plus shipping. I don't care anymore. Anybody have one they want to part with?


Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr