Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Disappointment by Proxy

When I took on motherhood, I was not prepared for the pain that comes from seeing disappointment in your child's eyes. E's daycare center is closing in a few weeks, and we were forced to find alternative care. There is a lovely center down the road, where E will spend part of her time during spring and summer, and three days per week when I return to work. But she has friends and teachers who will not be moving with her, and she's beginning to absorb this reality.

When we picked TT as E's new "school", we knew that her friends K and N were moving there too...but I failed to register the fact that their classroom structure is different. K and N will be in the Toddler room, and E (a few months older) will be in the "Twaddler", or transition room. When I try to explain this to E, her response is, "I want visit my K friend. I want my K best friend." Her 2-year-old voice has a little edge, a little pleading. What do I do? DEMAND to the teachers that they let E step down a "grade", or K step up? How do you kiss this and make it better? What will I do when the crisis is REAL? When a boy breaks her heart? Lord, help me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what do we do??? I am really not sure where I am on this. I am very disapointed and sad but can you really immagine how many little things will come and go for E & M as they grow and the funny noises that they make (after a good sneeze) for instance will go away for ever... Lots of video etc.

Love ya M

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