Friday, April 4, 2008

Yuck is Funny

Watch one episode of South Park, and you'll see that potty jokes are alive and well in America. And apparently, two years old is about the age that we begin to appreciate the humor in bodily functions.

Growing up in my house, we did not f*rt...we "passed gas"...but in this house, we toot. Well, most of the toots come from E or baby M, but once in a while we blame one on the cat. And boy, does E think it's funny. She breaks out laughing if you even say the word. If you want to really bring the house down, make the squirrel puppet toot.

I seem to remember the days when gross was funny. My family took vacations in a cabin in Maine, and the kids often slept in a bunkhouse out back. The walls were full of years worth of graffiti, but I only remember a set of book titles that someone had carved into the wood...Fifteen Yards to the Outhouse by Willie Makit, and Rusty Bedsprings by I. P. Nitely. I remembered these for years, repeated them to giggling friends, and scribbled them into notebooks at school. Imagine if I'd had google back then...I could have added such classics as Things That Itch by Mike Rotch, and Under the Bleachers by Seymore Butts.

I guess that E and baby M will laugh at such things too, eventually. All the signs are there. I'd love to write more, but I'm off to finish this great book I'm reading...maybe you've heard of it? Brown Spot on the Wall by Hu Flung Pu.


Anonymous said...

Your Funny!! Gotta love them and as for South park and Mr Hanky the Xmas Poo, he's really great! Love ya


S said...

I have trouble explaining to people, that why at the age of 23, I still can't resist a good fart joke or keep a straight face at a fart noise. And I do believe you have hours of footage of me perfecting my craft on videotape. Is it a family thing?

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